March 15, 2014

Know Your Roofer’s Responsibilities

When you need someone to do or lay your roof, or repair it when serious damage has been made, you call on roofers to do the job for you. Most of the time, a roofer is required when building a home. After all, one of the final phases in the construction of a home is the installation of the roof. Also, if you are renovating a home, there are times you may require a roofer, especially if you need to reinforce the structure or make serious maintenance and repairs on the roof.

Hiring a roofer is not exactly easy as there are certain things you need to look for or be aware before you go ahead and sign a contact with one. Hiring the right roofer is crucial as hiring the right one will guarantee you a job that is done right. In fact, hiring the right one will even save time on the laying out of the roof. Since roofers are experienced when it comes to roofs, they know basically the ins and outs of the installation process. If you hire the wrong one, not only will you budget get damaged, but the construction process may also get delayed because of this.

When hiring a roofer, the very first you need to look for is their license to practice their trade. Since their trade is as a roofer, they need to have the right license and permit from the city or province to be able to work as roofer. After all, how can you practice as a roofer if you do not have the license to practice the trade?

Another thing to look for is roofing liability and insurance. Although this may not seem important, trust us it is. Having roofing liability and insurance acts as your protection. It is not only a state requirement to possess this, but it is also mandated to be able to get a roofing license. This is why it is vital that these are renewed first in the event that their policy has already expired.

The roofers Calgary are all equipped with liability insurance and bonds to ensure the proper protection of their clients as well as themselves. They also have worker’s compensation insurance in the event that any of their workers get injured during the installation or repair process of your roof. If a roofer possesses all of the necessary permits and insurances, it gives you peace of mind when they do their work.

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