November 14, 2013

CMF Announces New Funded Productions

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today a contribution of over $1.6M to 3 television productions and related websites as part of the Aboriginal Program’s second round of funding.

Wild Archaeology
Two young Aboriginal hosts will take viewers on a vision quest through the mountains, waterways, plains, and arctic landscapes of Canada’s ancient archaeological record to discover first-hand the untold story of the original peoples of North America. 12,000 years of human inhabitation of this land will be brought to life in this 13-part documentary series. Follow the progress of this project in development on Facebook.

Using immersive and high-impact visual design together with interactive content experiences, the show’s website will allow a deeper exploration and experience of the storylines featured on television.

Producer: Pale Fox Picture Inc. / Broadcaster: APTN

Sweet Cherry Wine
Cree writer Floyd Favel teams up with the makers of Atanarjuat The Fast Runner on a multi-layered story of love, heartbreak and racist violence unwinding through 60 years of Saskatchewan Cree history.  In this 90-minute drama, an aging woman tells the stories that shaped her life, starting from her childhood in the 1940s.

On Trial is an accompanying interactive website and computer game that links historical records from the 1880s to the fictional film in the present. The online experience is designed for native and non-native youth to explore the century-long resilience of the Cree people.

Producer: Kingulliit Productions Inc. / Broadcaster: NITV

Guardians Evolution
Forty one million years in the future, the Earth is reborn and nature has been replenished after a global catastrophe that had destroyed ninety five percent of its species and modern civilization. In its second season, this children’s series follows five survivors that must rebuild civilization and learn to live in a new and strange Earth without repeating history’s errors.  Follow Guardians Evolution on Facebook.

The website and gaming experience will feature new missions that will take the user through scenarios that mirror and extend the show’s plot.  Players will explore a future Earth and complete missions related to the world of the show.

Producer: Guardians Productions Inc. / Broadcaster: APTN

For additional information on these funded projects, including producers, regions and funding commitments, please visit the funded projects page on the CMF website or click here.

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