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[ 12 Jun 2011 | View Comments | 58 views]

In game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs the Bruins won and the ratings for CBC’s broadcast went down, and in game 4 the Bruins won again, so guess what? The ratings went down again. For game 4 CBC averaged 5.3 million viewers, down from 5.4 for game 3 and 5.6 for games 1 and 2. The average for all 4 games is now 5.475 million viewers. Still very good for a NHL hockey game.…READ MORE

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[ 8 Jun 2011 | View Comments | 49 views]

I speculated in TVLoon’s last rating update for game 2 of this Bruins/Canucks Stanley Cup Finals that the game the Bruins are about to win, the ratings on CBC for the game would go up from 5.6 mil. Well, guess what, I was wrong. Game 3′s  8-1 blow out of the Canucks was down 200,000 (5.4 million) from game 1 and 2. I still might kind of be right though. I still don’t know the “peak” numbers for game 3 on CBC, so the moment the Bruins won the “peak” numbers still could be a bit higher, the “peak” for game 2 was 7.7 million.

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[ 6 Jun 2011 | View Comments | 75 views]

In game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals with the Bruins and the Canucks, CBC averaged 5.6 million viewers. In game 2 CBC averaged 5.6 million viewers, again. Those are still very good ratings, those games are the best in NHL ratings history on CBC, but you would think they would be a bit higher for a Saturday night. Will the ratings for game 3 be higher? Probably not, but if the Bruins win, watch for game 4 to be a bit higher, as things get more interesting.…READ MORE

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[ 3 Jun 2011 | View Comments | 80 views]

It wasn’t even a Saturday night and 5.6 million people tuned into the first Stanley Cup playoff game on CBC between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks in Vancouver. That was the most watched NHL game in Canadian history, and the second most watched non-Olympic hockey game ever in Canada. The only non-olympic game ahead of game 1 was the 2011 World Junior Final between Canada and Russia, which was watched by 6.23 million people in Canada. Game 1 or any other NHL game will never be able to beat Olympic hockey games, especially the games where Canada won gold.…READ MORE

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