Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Bilodeau Kicks off Season 2 of YTV’s Hit Competition Series CACHE CRAZE

Corus Entertainment’s YTV is launching Season 2 of Cache Craze, the nuttiest competition show on TV, on Tuesday, March 11 at 6 p.m. ET/PT. Comedy star Ryan Horwood (Monster WarriorsHowie Do It) returns as host, keeping the laugh factor high in the show’s new half-hour format that features a new set of competitors in each episode.To view a sneak peek, click here.

This high-energy adventure show is inspired by the global phenomenon of Geo-caching—a GPS-aided game where teams search for hidden caches. Cache Craze features family teams of two, each lead by a teenage captain, on a mission to search for virtual caches that can only be unlocked by completing a series of teeth chattering challenges. Think death defying drops, dizzying heights and gross and icky contests in a modern-day family treasure hunt.

In the premiere episode, Olympians Alex BilodeauRosie MacLennan and Benoit Hout are teamed up with three aspiring teen athletes. The Gold Medalists are pushed outside of their comfort zones in a series of battles in which they attempt to slay oversized killer bees, impress a hostile audience with street magic and nab as many digital caches as they can, while vying to claim the coveted Cache Craze Amaze Ball.

Fans can also visit YTV.com to play an updated version of the highly successful Cache Craze online game where they can win their own virtual Amazeball Trophy. Players make their way through an interactive map to find caches, while taking on mini-games that mirror the challenges in the series, including a Craze Maze complete with new obstacles such as zip lines and trampolines. To up the ante, players can also collect tokens that allow them to purchase power-ups for each challenge.

Produced by 9Story in association with YTV, Cache Craze was led by Co-Creator and Executive Producer Kate Rigg (Dance Your Ass OffGonzo Girls) and Series Producer Barry Davis (Survive This).

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