All-New and Launch Today

CBC/Radio-Canada is pleased to announce the re-launch of its e-commerce websites, and, on September 30, along with a licensing agreement with top Canadian retailers that will offer CBC’s legendary merchandise.  The launch includes special pricing on select items as a limited-time offer, and the first 500 shoppers at will receive a free CBC/Radio-Canada winter toque.

Both and will feature new products as well as returning favourites such as the Hockey Night in Canada, Gem and Retro Collections. The Retro line was first popularized after the CBC mobile reporting bag and 1970s Retro tees were introduced, and have grown to incorporate the designs and aesthetics of CBC/Radio-Canada’s long and storied history.

• Air Farce: 40 for 40 (new DVD)
• Mr. Hockey (new DVD)
• Best Recipes Ever Volume 2 (DVD)
• 70s Retro Moose (New product)
• CBC Mobile Reporting Bag (Top seller)
• Men’s & Women’s Gem Athletic Jacket (New product)

• Men’s ’70s Retro Black Tee
• Ladies’ 70s Retro Black Tee
• Men’s Scott Pilgrim Tee
• Ladies’ ’70s Retro Blue Tee

Select CBC merchandise will be available at the following retailers:
• Select products from the CBC Retro Collection will be available at: Indigo/Chapters nationally, The Drake General Store, and other specialty/boutique retailers in Ontario.
• Select Hockey Night in Canada merchandise will be available at: The Hockey Hall of Fame, Sears Canada, and other retailers this fall/winter season

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