17 Canadian Companies Receive More Than $12 M for Their Interactive Digital Media Projects From the Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today that 17 interactive digital media projects received a total of $12.1M in funding as part of the first round of production support from the Experimental Stream.  The Experimental Stream encourages the creation of innovative, interactive digital media content and software applications.

Consumers will be able to enjoy a variety of interactive digital media since 10 are games, five are interactive platforms, one is a social media project, and one is a website. Of the 17 projects, 11 had received development support from the CMF in previous rounds of experimental funding

Including this round of funding, the CMF has already provided more than $81M in production funding to 144 projects since it was created in 2010.

Production support provides funding for the creation of a final, market-ready version of an eligible project and preliminary marketing and commercialization activities.

For a description of new projects that received production support, please click here.

Earlier this month, the CMF announced that for projects receiving production support, the innovation and production team criteria were assessed by the following jury of Canadian and international industry specialists: Wendy Bernfeld (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Sylvain Carle (San Francisco, USA); Suzanne Lortie (Montreal, Canada); Siobhan O’Flynn (Toronto, Canada); Sylvain Perron (Montreal, Canada); Adam Sigel (Los Angeles, USA);  Michelle Sklar (Calgary, Canada); Patrice Slupowski (Paris, France); and, Rogerio Soares (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Click here (.pdf 523 kb) to read more about each juror involved in this round of funding. Click here (.pdf 403 kb) to access biographies of all jurors since 2010.

In the next few weeks, the CMF will announce projects receiving funds for development support and marketing support from the Experimental Stream.

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